A Complete Breakdown of Composite Windows

A composite is a union of two or more materials with different properties. These materials don’t blend or dissolve into each other. Thus, you can easily distinguish them within the composite. The materials in a composite give it exclusive properties that are far superior to the features of the individual substances on their own.

composite windows

Composites offer advantages in two primary areas:

Dimensional Stability: They are characterized by extreme stiffness with less material movement. However, they are still lighter compared to other materials.

Strength: They provide high-impact, compression, and tensile strength.

What are Composite Windows?

Composite windows, also known as alu-clad windows, are timber-framed windows with a thin aluminum frame on the outside. The combination of materials used to make the frame gives them hybrid, unique characteristics superior to the original materials.

Composite windows are available in a broad range of specifications and styles, and they offer a plethora of advantages to their owners, including high-performance, low maintenance, durability, and energy efficiency.

So, if you’re looking for long-lasting, attractive, and high-performance windows, composite windows are the solution.

Benefits of Composite Windows

Since composite windows have a hybrid nature, they offer you the best of both worlds in their aesthetics, thermal properties, reliability, and performance. The aluminum cladding in these windows requires low maintenance and is more durable than the conventional full timber windows.

Excellent Window Insulation

During chilly times of the year, you always want to keep your home as warm as possible. The best material for insulating your window frames is timber. The timber interior gives composite windows unique insulation properties.

This means it keeps more heat inside, making your home more comfortable to live in and saving you tons of money on energy bills. This is the reason alu-clad windows are popular in cold climates such as Canada and Sweden.

Almost Zero-Maintenance on Windows

In our busy world, few people can dedicate much time to maintaining their windows. The good news is that with alu-clad windows, you eliminate this need. Since the manufacturers place the timber on the interior of composite windows, it is shielded from the outside weather, and the aluminum cladding efficiently manages these extremes of weather.

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Thus, compared to the traditional timber windows that need a lot more effort and time to maintain, alu-clad timber windows rarely need any maintenance. As long as you purchase high-quality composite windows with a multi-coated, fully breathable paint finish. All that you require to maintain your composite windows is cleaning and washing. The life expectancy of alu-clad windows goes up to 85 years with minimal maintenance.

A Sustainable Solution

When you lose less heat through your windows and reduce the use of your central heating, you can save lots of money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Most modern manufacturers of high-quality timber frames derive their materials from FSC-certified forests and are thus highly sustainable. Every time these companies manufacture alu-clad timber windows, they reduce their contribution to global warming.

High-Quality Style Windows

If you wish to upgrade from older-style timber or PVC windows, composite windows offer you one advantage above all: quality. Older wooden frames were manufactured from cheap wood and thus required regular repainting and sanding to keep them in good shape.

Contemporary alu-clad windows are manufactured in state-of-the-art factories using the best high-tech manufacturing practices, and they are made to last long. This produces laminated knot-free timber of exceptional quality.

Strong and Reliable

Both aluminum and timber are esteemed for their strength, so combining these materials in one frame produces a very sturdy window that will improve the security of your home.

Glamorous and Flexible Designs

Alu-clad windows are available in a broad range of styles, sizes, and colors, making it easy for you as a homeowner to find the perfect window for your home. Many manufacturers will offer you RAL color matching services for alu-clad windows so you can select a more muted shade to blend in or a more bold color to make the windows stand out as the main feature of the facade.

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Satin powder, matt, and gloss-coated finishes are all available. Internally, the timber can be painted, lacquered, or stained to suit your desires. Alu-clad windows are available in all kinds of styles such as cottage and bay, and opening styles such as dual turn, sash, and casement.


Both timber and aluminum are recyclable materials, and together with the energy savings they offer you, composite windows are a highly environment-friendly choice than their uPVC counterparts.

Cons of Composite Windows

Composite windows have only one downside and that’s their cost. They are on the higher end of the price range and thus are more costly than uPVC windows.

If you are interested in composite windows or are still unsure which windows are more suitable for your house, contact a professional window company to discuss your options.

Composite Window Replacement

Are you considering getting a composite window replacement? The first step is to count the number of windows that you have in your home and check for warning signs. Common warnings signs like drafty windows, mold or mildew near the glass pane, and poor insulation are several signs that go unnoticed.

However, they are possibly costing you more money on energy costs. As a result, you should contact local window contractors to replace your old windows with brand new ones.

Normally, you can find directories and contact list of the window contractors by searching on Google. You’ll immediately see the results in organic search and ads. Find the right company that will get the job done!

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