Garden Window Ideas You’ll Love

As small space living and tiny homes become more and more popular people are constantly looking for ways to maximize their tiny space. One of the ways to get more use out of your space is by replacing your regular windows into a garden window.

garden window ideas

Garden windows allow a 3D styled box window with shelves to put plants and decor inside, giving you more counter space and better visual appeal.

The Difference Between a Bay Window and a Garden Window

Bay windows are more decorative in nature. They create a focal point in the main rooms of a house such as a living or dining rooms. Garden windows are normally installed inside a kitchen and serve a purpose. They have a shelf for displaying items or holding potted plants. They also have a window pane on the top giving it more direct sunlight similar to a greenhouse.

Are Garden Windows Outdated?

While some people may feel as though garden windows are outdated, they may just have the wrong impression of them. Garden windows have progressed a lot over the past few years and they are becoming a great addition to modern homes.

The look and the energy of the room are instantly transformed once these windows are installed.

Are They Energy Efficient?

One of the best benefits that come with a garden window is knowing that they are not only functional but also energy efficient. With several panes of thick glass and solid framework, these boxes are very energy efficient and could save you money on your energy bills.

Kitchen Garden Windows for Over the Sink

One of the most popular rooms to have a garden window installed is in the kitchen. This is great because counter space is usually limited and the addition of a garden window can help to make the room appear much larger and to give it more natural light.

How to Style Your Garden Window

The most beautiful thing about your garden window is that you have space, natural light and options to choose any styling design you want! While most people do use it to hold a variety of plants, others use it to hold decorative pieces that help to brighten up their living space.

By having a garden window installed over the sink, you can use it to store small decorative pieces such as ring holder dishes, fancy soaps, olive oil, succulents, plants or fresh potted herbs. The possibilities are pretty endless, and it can always be customized to fit the theme or feel of your kitchen.

What Can I Grow on a Window Sill?

Believe it or not, there are a ton of plants that do great indoors. A wide range of vegetables, herbs, flowers, and houseplants can all survive pretty well inside your home.

The plants you choose to use should depend mostly upon the amount of light your garden window receives and the amount of care that goes into the plants.

If you’re looking for colorful flowering plants, you’ll need to change them out seasonally as different flowers bloom during different parts of the year.

What Plants Are Good for Garden Windows?

Window sills are a great place to grow fresh herbs. An indoor herb garden can be a great way to utilize the extra space from a garden window. Herbs like basil, bay, chives, and oregano all enjoy a lot of sunlight and need very little physical care. Not only are they low maintenance but they also help to provide color and fragrance to your home while also being useful in a variety of different cooking dishes.

Is it Good to Keep Plants in the House?

Keeping plants in your home is a great idea. Research has proven that they can improve your health, concentration, productivity and reduce your stress levels. They release oxygen into the air and take in carbon dioxide making your air naturally better for you to breath in.

What is a Good Plant for the Kitchen?

Besides putting fresh herbs inside a garden window, there are other plants you can use that would also do great in this environment. Cactus is a low maintenance plant that needs little watering and wouldn’t care when the room gets hot from too much cooking. Not only that but they look great when they bloom.

If you’re looking for a plant that is not only pretty to look at but also useful, Aloe Vera could be a great addition to your garden window. If a burn or cut happens in the kitchen, you can simply cut off a piece of your Aloe plant and apply it to your wound to help in the recovery process. Not only that, but they need such a small amount of water that you can go weeks between watering them!

If you really want to maximize the space you can try window farming.

What is Window Farming?

Window farming is becoming more popular with people looking to live in small spaces and live off their own home-grown foods rather than pay others for the same products. These are vegetables that can be grown in just water and sunlight, no dirt is needed. You control the climate and temperature with your home and can grow foods all year long.

Some examples of what you can add to the indoor vegetable garden:

If growing vegetables in window boxes isn’t your style due to the lack of a green thumb, that’s okay too. There are plenty of house plants that are really hard to kill.

Hard to Kill House Plants

Besides aloe, there are other house plants that require minimal effort.

To name a few:

These plants give off a pleasing visual appeal and allow everyone without a natural green thumb a chance to embrace the gardener they wish they could become. With them being low maintenance they also work well into a busy lifestyle.

With all of the options that you have available, your garden window can be just as unique and colorful as you are.

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