What’s Hot in the World of Window Treatments?

Window treatments have always been a broad term to represent a large number of distinct ways you can decorate in and around a window. Though window treatments may not still feel as profound in the world of interior design as they once were it’s still a very important aspect toward home decoration.

hot window treatments

Are you seeking some trendy new ideas for home decor? Here is a guide to what is hot in the world of window treatments.

Types of Window Treatments

The ultimate goal of any window treatment is to enhance the aesthetics of the window as well as the room. It is a tricky combination between highlighting what you want on the actual window, while also matching it with the walls, flooring, and furniture already present in the room.

Hard Window Treatments

There are many different types of window treatments. Here are some of the most common:

Soft Window Treatments

The above examples are all types of “hard” window treatments. They are defined as hard because the treatments require the use of materials like wood, polyresin, or plastic. The contrast is what interior designers call “soft” window treatments. These include:

Other Decorative Window Treatment for Your Home

The actual glass can even receive a form of window treatment. A few examples include:

Lastly, there are a number of window treatments that aren’t on the window itself yet used as decor around the frame. These include:

Hot Window Treatment Trends

Now that you have a brief overview of all the different types of window treatments you can consider for new decor, let’s get into some of the latest trends. What is hot in the world of window treatments?

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Wooden Blinds

One of the more trendy new styles in window treatment is to decorate the window with a style of wood blind. Wood has been commonly used for shutters in the past, yet not nearly as much for blinds. The question is… Why not?

A popular trend right now in home improvement is to make buildings more “green” and self-sustainable. Wood blinds are manufactured with natural resources and thus people feel good about buying them.

The material is not made up of substances that could harm the environment, or in questionable working environments in third world countries. Wood always looks great and can match a number of interior designs. It especially looks good with hardwood floors, yet wood blinds also accommodate carpet and tile too.

Woven Wood Shades

In the past, shades were strictly limited to softer fabrics despite getting classified in the “hard” category of window treatments. One trend that is changing the design are woven wood shades or blinds.

Once again to make homes more eco-friendly, the alternative is to decorate windows with bamboo reeds, jute grass, or other woven light wood substances that can act as shades.

Bamboo and jute grass are substances that are lightweight and comparable to plastic or fabric, yet are easier on the environment and arguably look better anyhow. Better yet, the design can work on anything from modern west coast homes to rural, farmhouse chic styles.

Premium Fabric Shades and Drapes

Silk and velvet may have once been reserved for the ultra-elite yet more homes are starting to spend big on fancy window treatments to really separate the room from the norm.

Most homeowners can’t afford to invest in silk or velvet in every single room of a house, yet in a living room or upscale dining area, it looks really nice. Silk produces a smooth, glossy finish that makes it an interior designer’s dream.

Velvet has become really trendy with interior design in recent memory. The fabric is found on everything from accent pillows to window treatments. It is ultra soft and provides a glamorous presentation. It also adds subtle texture to the room.

Patterned Window Treatments

Patterned window designs are definitely all the rave right now. Homeowners have bought onto the trend as it adds a lot of depth to any room. The embroidered patterns create texture while also featuring an old-school charm that’s difficult to replicate with other types of window treatments.

Interior designers do recommend you exercise some personal judgment when it comes to patterned curtains and other types. The pattern will draw a lot of attention to the window so the best piece of advice is just to make sure it doesn’t overpower the other decor in the personal space.

Experiment with All Types of Treatments for Your Window

There is no universal answer for window treatments. There is no “one-size-fits-all” formula. Therefore, go with your gut instinct and tap into that inner interior designer that’s in your soul. Window treatments vary in types, sizes, textures, and styles. There are a variety of ways one single room can get decorated differently. So don’t be afraid to experiment!

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