Dirty Window Screens? Here’s How to Clean Them

Only a few people get excited about cleaning window screens. It’s a task many of us put off until we can no longer avoid it, and that’s until you can’t see outside through your windows. Dirty screens obstruct your view, and they also affect the indoor air quality that’s filtered through your house.

There are many ways to clean screens that vary depending on the intensity of the dirt. However, it’s vital to deep clean all your window screens at least once a year, and there are a plethora of methods to go about this tedious task.

how to clean window screens

Lint Roller

If your screens aren’t very dirty, use a lint roller. You can pick up loose dust and dirt without going through the nuances of detaching the screen. For easier access to small crevices, use a smaller lint roller.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

In case the lint roller doesn’t pick up the dirt and dust from your screens, try using Magic Eraser. Wet the foam and start scrubbing the screen gently enough so you won’t damage or stretch it. Most specialists recommend the extra strength eraser because it can withstand prolonged scrubbing on rough surfaces. You can accomplish this task without detaching your window screen.

Vacuum Your Window Screens

The easiest way to eliminate grime and loose dirt is by using a vacuum. Use a soft bristle attachment to avoid stretching or damaging your screens. To keep things nice and clean, include this task in your monthly cleaning schedule. For a thorough clean, detach the screens and lay them on a cloth to give them a deeper clean with a vacuum.

Vinegar Bath and Soapy Water

If your screens have stubborn grime caked on them, it’s essential to bath them. You can do this task on a sunny day when you can leave the screens outside to dry.


If the dirt is robust, clean the screen in a soapy bath and use a toothbrush with harder bristles to scrape off the grime. Avoid exerting too much pressure on the screens because you may end up bending them out of shape. Although it’s tedious, a toothbrush can effectively remove any dirt that’s stuck in those tiny crevices, nooks, and holes.

Pressure Washing

If your screens aren’t detachable, pressure washing is the best option. However, only use a pressure washer that has a low-intensity option. If it doesn’t, wash down the screens with a hose. A pressure washer with multiple nozzle settings is an excellent tool for cleaning grime.

Rusty Screens Solution

rusty screen with a fly on it

The weather can be unfriendly to outdoor metal screens, but here is a way you can clean them:

Trying to clean a window screen is not an exciting job; nonetheless, you have to do it. If you do it regularly, you will not have to put in too much work the next time you clean them. So, remember to use a soft sponge or lint brush to dislodge grime, dirt, and other messes that have accumulated on your window screens.

And if the screens are too dirty, use the homemade cleaning solutions like dish soap and white vinegar to get your screen looking new and shiny.

How to Clean Window Screens

Everything from vacuuming to pressure washing will clean off dirty window screens. Nonetheless, this will drastically improve your curb appeal and you will have a clear view to the outside.  Before you start cleaning, you’ll want to grab all the supplies and utilities that will get the job done.

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