How to Paint Windows

The article is designed to provide you with a detailed step by step guide on how to paint windows.

Cracking paint on a window frame can be an unsightly part of your home and can leave your window frames prone to damage. You should first examine the window to make sure there isn’t damage and that a fresh paint coat can restore it.

Cracked window paint

Painting the trim around your windows is no small task but it is one that you can do easily by yourself. When painted properly, you can go years without having to repaint your windows. Make sure to start early in the day so your windows are dry and ready for use at night.

Painting Accessories

When painting a window you wont need to invest in many tools and accessories. You will need the following;

Additionally, you may need the following tools and accessories for your project:

Painting the Windows

Step One: Clear the Work Area and Prep the Windows

Masking glass

Step Two: Painting the Windows

There are still several steps you will need to follow before you begin to paint your windows to ensure your paint will last longer.

Painting a window

What Type of Paint Should I Use?

Depending on if your window is an interior or exterior window there are two different types of paint that will give you the professional look you desire.

An oil-based paint is great for your windows as it will give you a hard finish. The downside to oil paint is that it can be prone to yellowing if it is used on exterior windows. If used on an indoor window an oil-based paint will last for a long time.  Because oil-based paints have the hard-shell texture it will give your windows a brush mark free paint job if done properly. Since oil-based paint requires petroleum-based solvents it is defiantly harder to clean than water-based paint.

Water-based paint is the more common choice for windows because it will maintain the sheen much longer than an oil-based paint. Brush marks are also minimized with water-based paint. Clean-up is also easier compared to oil-based paint and can be done with just soap and water.

Common Painting Problems and How to Fix Them

Below are some of the common problems you may experience when painting your windows and how to fix them.

Painting Your Windows Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Painting your windows can not only add to your homes curb appeal but it can also increase the lifespan of your windows. Remember, before deciding to paint your windows, make sure to seek the help of a window professional near you if you have any further concerns.

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