Why Proper Window Installation Is Important

There is nothing more frustrating than investing thousands of dollars into stylish, well reputable windows only to find out they aren’t working effectively. Oftentimes this dilemma is not an issue with the actual product, but rather the window installation. Proper window installation is absolutely vital to a successful window project.

Poor installation is a trademark of poor quality windows. It really doesn’t matter how much money you spend on the best windows advertised if the installation is not done properly. Therefore, you must find an installer that’s reputable and knows what they’re doing.

proper window installation

Can Your Install New Windows On Your Own?

Here is the question: Would you try to repair a six-figure luxury car that you bought on your own? Would you consider taking it to a mechanic with an unreliable background? Probably not.

The same mentality should apply to window projects. You just invested a lot of money in new windows so why risk the final step of the process by skimping out on installation?

While many home improvement projects are DIY, window installation is not one of them. It’s never recommended for homeowners unless you come from a construction or window installer background. Not only is window installation sophisticated, but its also hard work and dangerous if installing from a second or third-story.

Hiring a professional to install new windows will ensure performance, improve the chances of windows having their guaranteed lifespan, reduce drafts, and prevent water damage. Here are the top reasons why hiring an experienced contractor is mandatory.

Poor Installation Equals Drafty Windows

There’s a good chance that you just invested in new windows because you’re sick and tired of dealing with drafts during the winter months when you’re trying to stay warm and comfortable. Furthermore, your heating bills will increase and much of that extra cost is going to all the controlled heating that’s escaping through the windows.

The problem is new windows will not solve drafts as well as reduce energy bills unless the installation is done correctly. It really doesn’t matter what type of window you invest in or how much money you throw at the product itself.

Every millimeter counts in the window installer industry. Windows must fit perfectly into space so extremely precise measurements are necessary. If the window is not an exact fit, seasoned contractors can find ways to adapt in order to avoid unwanted drafts.

Poor Window Installation Leads to Costly Repairs in the Future

You just spent a lot of hard earned money on new windows so the thought of having to throw more money at them in the future is heartbreaking. However, that’s exactly what you can expect if you skip on a good contractor.

Homeowners make the mistake of trying to save money on installers after spending a lot of dough on the actual windows. However, that is like building a great foundation and sturdy walls only to forget the roof at the end.

New windows are only as reliable as its installation. When windows are installed incorrectly it will inevitably lead to unforeseen repairs, sometimes a mere few years after the new installation.

The biggest red flag is water leaks which quickly erode at the brand new material. Once water gets into a new product, it’s nearly irreversible and will substantially lower the lifespan of the windows that were guaranteed at installation.

Poor Installation Doesn’t Improve Energy Costs

Another common reason that homeowners upgrade their windows is that they are sick and tired of high energy bills. New windows like to advertise how energy efficient they are and how they will save you a ton of money in the long run.

The problem is if the installation is done incorrectly then it’s not going to eliminate those cracks and leaks from the previous windows. Therefore, you are going to notice little to no difference in monthly energy rates. In fact, they can even have the opposite effect which is infuriating.

Poor Installation Might Not Get Covered by a Warranty

One selling point that window manufacturers like to remind customers is that while they may spend thousands of dollars on a new product it will at least get backed by a quality warranty.

While this is true, the warranty may not protect certain aspects of the issue is more related to the installation, and not the product itself. You need to tread carefully here. It’s as frustrating to expect something to get backed by a warranty only to discover it falls on the shoulders of the installer, not the manufacturer.

Consequently, you’ll want to verify with the contractor that they will provide some type of promise and guarantee regarding their own work. You should be weary of any contractor that doesn’t guarantee the quality of their work.

Poor Window Installation Jeopardizes Structural Integrity

It’s not enough that poor workmanship can make brand new windows perform poorly. What is worse is terrible installation can also contribute to other structural problems.

poor window installation leads to structural problems

Windows need to act exceptionally in regards to restricting water. It is one of their practical purposes. However, if the installation is subpar then water can leak into your home and cause further damage. The water damage can ultimately lead to structural damage that jeopardizes its stability.

Water is nothing to fool around with. Consequently, having a good installer not only ensures that the windows will get installed correctly, but that it will also protect other components of the foundation and structure.

Poor Installation Compromises Security

New windows, particularly those on the first floor, need to provide security. Often homeowners are concerned about how a first-floor window is not stable enough to ward off intruders. If that is the case then you need a contractor that not only fits new windows into the structure soundly but also securely.

Hire a Reputable Contractor for Proper Window Installation

There are many reasons why you should hire a reputable contractor to handle window installation. There are so many things that could go wrong that you shouldn’t risk the possibility of throwing away thousands of dollars for ineffective windows that don’t serve their full purpose.

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