Storm Windows vs Replacement Windows

There has been a long debate among homeowners, architects, designers and contractors about deciding between storm windows vs replacement windows, and which one provides the best protection against extreme weather. Both have advantages and drawbacks.

storm windows vs replacement windows

The answer to this question will not be uniform for everyone because each circumstance is unique to every home involved. When deciding between storm windows and replacement windows, there are many factors to consider.

Here is the information you need to make an informed decision when choosing the best type of window for your home.

The Difference Between Storm and Replacement Windows

Before deciding between storm windows and replacement windows, it’s vital to know the difference between them because they are both unique.

Storm Windows 

There are two styles of storm windows: interior and exterior. You install interior storm windows on the inside of your current windows while exterior storm windows are on the outside. The most common style is the exterior storm windows, and many people choose them when deciding between storm windows and replacement windows.

Storm windows are designed to shield against elements such as rain and wind and also to help enhance insulation. Usually, you’ll find storm windows in older homes with worn out or old windows.

Thus, storm windows are just an addition to your regular windows, and you can remove them any time you like.

Replacement Windows

Replacement windows come in a broad range of styles. There are sliding, casement, awning, picture, and double-hung windows, to name a few. Although storm windows offer a temporary fix, replacement windows provide a long-term solution.

workers installing replacement windows

One massive difference between replacement and storm windows is that replacement windows occupy the position of your old windows entirely. You will receive new windows that fit securely in your present window opening.

Typically, you install replacement windows when your existing windows are faulty. For instance, if the windows don’t open and close properly, have damaged seals, mold, and are drafty, your best option is to replace them.

With replacement windows, you are eliminating problems that your old windows may have caused.

Storm Windows: Advantages and Disadvantages

When trying to choose between storm windows vs replacement windows, many people struggle because they don’t understand what each of these solutions can offer them. Here is what storm windows will and will not provide.

Pros of Storm Windows

Among the most significant reasons many homeowners choose storm windows is that they are cheaper to install. Storm windows only cover your existing windows, so their only challenge is to get them measured.

Once you do that, their installation is effortless, and you can always set them up and take them off as often as you like.

Cons of Storm Windows

Storm windows are an addition to your current windows, and they have a few drawbacks. They can’t play the same role as the full replacement windows. For instance, storm windows need regular maintenance to keep the glass and tracks clean. Since there are very high chances of debris and moisture getting trapped between the original window and the storm window, the glass can quickly become dirty.

storm windows vs replacement

Storm windows also lower energy efficiency. Since you are trying to solve the problem that your current windows have using the storm windows, you do not fix the underlying problem.

There will always be gaps between the storm windows and your original windows despite how well the storm windows fit. Another disadvantage of storm windows is that they are not as attractive as new replacement windows.

Replacement Windows: Pros and Cons

Replacement windows differ from storm windows, and they offer more benefits with fewer drawbacks.

Pros of Replacement Windows

The most significant benefit of replacement windows is that they eliminate your old windows that cause your home to use up more energy and become drafty.

Since replacement windows come in a broad range of colors and styles, you have the flexibility to choose the look of your home. For example, if you prefer the beautiful look of wood, you can select vinyl windows with wood grain finishing.

Replacement windows also have higher energy efficiency. The best among them are vinyl replacement windows since they have insulated glass and frames. These will help protect your home from the elements. Replacement windows are custom made, and they perfectly fit into your present window openings.

Also, replacement windows look gorgeous, and the old, worn out windows won’t be an embarrassment to your curb appeal anymore. ¬†Replacement windows solve the problem of transforming the look of your home and giving it a crisp and fresh update.

Cons of Replacement Windows

One downside to replacement windows is that they are more costly. However, they are worth the investment since they will save you more money in the long run because of their energy efficiency.

Another con of replacement windows is that they take longer to install. However, if you have them installed by a professional, you will not have to worry.

Storm Windows vs Replacement Windows: Winner

In conclusion, replacement windows have more advantages than storm windows, and they are worth the investment. But, before you get your replacement windows installed, consult a professional window company to have all your questions answered, which will help you make an informed choice.

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