8 Summer Window Planters You’ll Love

Summer generally brings out the best in people. The sun is up for more hours in the day and offers a lot of hope and excitement. While there are all kinds of outdoor festivals and events to attend during the summer months, the same activity could get said about the exterior of your home.

While major home improvement projects like applying a fresh coat of paint, replacing siding, roofing, or getting new windows are all fantastic ways to improve the curb appeal – not all projects have to break the bank.

There are simple ways to vastly enhance curb appeal. One of the easiest is to add window planters to spice up the exterior. It is a very easy project, regardless if you buy one or make it a DIY project.

summer window planters

Window Planters for Your Home

A window planter, or window box, add a lot of value to a home. They are not only great outdoor decorative features and beloved by gardeners, yet also help with those minor details that improve curb appeal.

Traditionally, the container is attached on or just below the sill of a window and can house a wide range of flowers and plants depending on size and style.

There are many different ways to find the window box planter that is just right for your needs. If you are a little crafty you can even build one from home.

Window Planter Materials

There are a number of different types of materials you can use to construct a window box. Not surprisingly, wood is one of the most popular. However, there is always the option of using other types of material such as:

Window boxes have a short lifespan as they can get beat up by the elements as well as by critters and birds. However, if you select a building substance that can get restained or painted, it is possible to make a window box planter last for ten years or more.

The boxes typically work better above the ground level because you can access the planter from the inside to water it and add some lively color toward the upper half of your home. However, it’s not uncommon for some people to build one on the lower story too.

Now that you have a quick background on boxes, let’s dive into 8 summer planters you’ll love…

Farmhouse Throwback Window Planters

When you think of window planters one of the first architecture styles that may jump out are farmhouses. It just seems like having planter boxes in a farmhouse are yin and yang.

Wood works best with a farmhouse look. The cottage-inspired arrangement can consist of a variety of shades of flowers including pink pentas, white caladiums, and blue daze evolvulus.

Summer Treat

The summer treat is quintessential of summer. The box can get produced with just about any material because it’s overloaded with flowers that grow and like to climb over the edges.

Flowers that work well for this bright window arrangement include geraniums, petunias, and bidens.

Ivy School

Another window box that overflows with the right flowers is an English ivy rich box that also contains petunias and dracaenas. The combination makes for a really rich alternative to roses.

Summer Staples with New Twists

What is wrong with going with something tried and true? There are a large number of summer staples that work really, really well in just about any window planter.

The tropical look should include growth like lobelias, yellow hibiscus, pink mandevillas, and coleus.

Busy Lifestyle Dependable 

A lot of us don’t have much time on our hands these days, right? If you agree, then you might want to consider a window planter that supports a low maintenance approach and is far from needy.

Summer blooms that work well are plants like sweet potato vine, creeping zinnia, croton, and angelonia.

Low Maintenance Alternative

Another great low maintenance alternative is a box that contains easy-going favorites like guara, lemon coral sedum rupestre, and pincushion hakea. All of the flowers are beautiful and easy to corral.

You can also spice up the exterior window planter with even more flavor by sprinkling in Gold Edge duranta and lantana.

Late Bloomer Favorite

Dahlias may peak late in the summer which makes some homeowners not a fan because they have to be patient and want colors to thrive in spring or early summer, yet it’s worth the wait.

Dahlias do very well in sunlight making them very suitable for outdoor window planters, especially off the ground level and on the sides of the building that receive a lot of sun. Dahlias work nicely with geraniums for contrast.

Texture of Succulents

The vibrant color of succulents makes them perfect for summer though some argue the texture doesn’t mesh well with certain types of architecture.

Regardless, succulents can add value to the right setting and are combined well with red kalanchoe, crassula hybrid, and a string of pearl flowers.

Add Flare with Summer Window Planters

vinyl window planter

Liven up the exterior of your home this summer by testing out one, two, or multiple combinations of these great summer window planter ideas that we are sure you will cherish.

And make sure to send in your own suggestions as well!

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