Understanding Vinyl Windows: Pros & Cons

Vinyl windows have become the most popular style of window replacement on the market. There is a number of reasons why vinyl has become the trendy new material for window design.

First, it’s affordable. Vinyl is substantially cheaper than wood and fiberglass. The only other comparable type of window material in terms of price is aluminum, and many homeowners are opposed to installing metal windows.

Vinyl is also durable and requires little long-term maintenance. The product is shipped in a variety of different colors and textures and never needs to be repainted or stained. It also withstands moisture well.

Are you considering new vinyl windows? Here is all you need to know to understand vinyl windows:

Types of Windows

Before we discuss the pros and cons of vinyl windows let’s see how it stacks up to other types of windows:

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows were first introduced to the market in the late 1950s, yet really didn’t take off until the 1990s. Since that time, it has quietly emerged as the de facto choice for new homes built, and a large number of replacement windows are also getting ordered in the same style.

The windows are manufactured with a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which can get produced with either recycled or pure vinyl substances. Pure virgin vinyl windows are considered the most durable and long lasting.

Vinyl is a very flexible option for a window replacement. It passes the three important tests:

white colored vinyl windows

There is no such thing as a building product that’s completely maintenance free, especially on the exterior of a home, yet vinyl is about as close as it comes. Windows are known to rot and crack and peel, especially with old-fashioned wood. However, vinyl is sold with a color picked out by you and doesn’t need to get repainted ever.

Advantages of Vinyl Windows

There are many pros to buying vinyl replacement windows. Here are some of the best features:

Disadvantages of Vinyl Windows

There are very few disadvantages to vinyl windows. However, here are the biggest complaints:

Final Verdict: Vinyl Window Replacements

There are numerous benefits to vinyl window replacements. They are very affordable and have long-term advantages. It is a good product for the common homeowner that doesn’t have a ton of money or time to invest in window upkeep in the future.

The selection of styles and colors for vinyl has greatly improved and it’s possible to find a type of window perfect for your needs.

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