8 Most Popular Window Décor Ideas

Windows do just fine on their own. Yet you can really enhance the space by adding some window decor ideas. Curtains, valances, and cornices all fall under the category of window decor.

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It can help shed some natural light on your personal space and really punctuate the tone of a specific space. The investment in window decor is relatively modest in addition to brand new windows (or existing ones) Additionally, window decors can last for years with the right cleaning and maintenance.

Could you use some help, or suggestions for your interior design project? We have put together a list of the 8 most popular window decor ideas. The ideas range from contemporary design to traditional to exotic and sleek. Which one do you like best?

1. Bamboo Makes a Statement

According to interior designers when it comes to window treatments – metallic and sparkles dominated the industry for quite some time. However, designers are starting to notice a shift toward another window decor, namely wood.

Wood and natural textures provide something to your home that is impossible to replicate with any other material. The authenticity of these window treatments is of high value and looks legitimate. Wood adds a lot of value, unlike some other window treatments that can look very cheap. Furthermore, it really compliments all wood flooring and even some types of tile and carpet.

Bamboo is the most trendy type of wood right now used for window decor. Why? Sustainable, environmentally-friendly products are really in hot demand right now and bamboo supports that ideology.

It also looks pleasing to the eye and is lightweight for a wood. It feels more like a heavy-duty plastic yet offers far more value.

2. Organic Materials are Trendy

In addition to bamboo, interior designers are noticing a shift to other types of organic materials. Though bamboo might be the most popular. Other types of organic goods like matchstick have made their way onto window decor of late.

Organic materials serve a number of purposes. In addition to styling the room into something that you can be proud of they also leave a good conscious. Organic materials don’t require any shady business practices of creating the product in poor working conditions or labs.

The material is welcoming to the environment and very sustainable. Additionally, organic materials like matchstick and bamboo diffuse light really well. It can help add a soft light to an office or bedroom even when the window treatments are down.

Furthermore, these types of materials look well from the inside as well as the outside of a home. It will surely get the attention of neighbors passing by and wanting to imitate a similar style.

3. Shift to Blue Shades

Red used to represent the primary color for window decor. The designers liked the color and its various shades as it complimented light well and fit with a number of color schemes in the interior.

However, designers note that red is slowly getting replaced by blue. Blue also compliments a number of different color schemes and is offered in a nearly limitless variety of shades.

Aquamarine, teal, and navy are just a few examples of how stylish designers have decorated home in recent memory. Soft greens also work well with this transition in popularity to blue. Soft lavender and gray have picked up a lot of steam.

If the new color palette is not really your cup of tea then you can always consider classic stables like brown or red. Even if new trends have pushed them out slightly, they are still reliable color schemes.

4. Luxury Fabrics Make an Appearance

Luxe fabrics like silks, velvets, damasks, suede, fur, and even leather are starting to leave an imprint on the industry. Of course, these products are far from cheap yet the decor is sure to impress just about anyone.

Window decor deserves a lot of attention due to how windows and the views and light they provide are so commanding, and luxe fabrics just add to the value. They especially work well in living rooms and dining areas, or places where you’ll entertain guests.

There is no shortage of luxury window treatments. A few examples that we have seen on the market of late include beaded tassels, sparkling crystal, and other lavish embellishments.

5. Sleek Lines are the New Designer Trend

If you will notice one type of contour that dominates design these days it is sleek lines. The simplicity cannot translate well enough into a pleasing look that compliments window areas. A few examples include decoration tips like flowering the drapes or adding chrome to the hardware. Another habit is to build sleek silhouettes against the window frame.

Panel-track systems have streamlined treatments into a sleek line design. In contrast to vertical blind precursors, the panel-track is developed out of fabric or woven-wood and looks really attractive.

6. Shift to Bold Prints

In addition to sleek line interior design for window decor, bold prints are also making a statement. Prints like bold stripes present an offering that the window deserves attention while also creating a feeling of stability.

Other bold prints like bright floral patterns or geometric shapes completely renovate a previously mundane window offering.

7. Upgrading to Silk Panels

The aforementioned panel track system really gets amplified when you add the pricier silk option to the panels. Silk panels not only deliver unprecedented luxury to the window decor but also a really great shine.

It can really liven up a dull room just with this simple albeit pricey addition to the window decor. All silk panels are featured in a variety of colors and embroidering. There are also plaid and jacquard paisley designs to select from.

8. Adding Tech to Your Window Decor Ideas

Yes, even window treatments are starting to get impacted by technology. We truly live in the digital age and window decor might as well support technology just like everything else in the world.

High tech touches to window treatments including things like remote controlled blinds or a light switch that flips on around the window. They’re simple yet trendy new additions that make your life a little easier and unique from the house next door.

Endless Options for Window Decor Ideas

There are nearly endless options when it comes to window treatments and other decors. You should never settle on what someone else thinks is best or most attractive. In the end, your eyes don’t lie. However, if you have some indecision hopefully these common types of window decor suggestions were helpful.

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