Popular Window Ideas and Trends to Keep an Eye Out For

Window coverings and treatments are in the constant throes of evolution.  They’ve been around before the Middle Ages.  The trends are constantly growing and racing to one color palette, theme, shutter style, or fashion twist to the next.

popularwindow ideas and trends

Below are a few favorite window ideas that have taken over homes in their increasing popularity.

Expansive Picture Windows

Bold, vast, and picturesque—that’s modern edge homes are now trending towards, particularly the ones with a great view that should and must be captured by a large picture window.  Expansive picture windows make a statement without the fuss of much interior decorating to go along with them.

Lined by a bold, dark frame, a picture window makes a room pop without the aid of art, curtains, treatments, cornices, or much else.  Sleek, modern, and minimalist, relying only on nature is the trend to look out for.

Window Shutters

Crisp white shutters are something you may see on a home’s exterior, but now these window treatments are making their way as a staple for interior decorating.  Presenting your home with a clean, organized look, shutters are not only attractive, but they’re easy to operate.  Most window shutters can be toggled with the center pole that flips the shutters from the open to close position.

Plantation shutters have become a popular option for window treatments.  The best part about these windows shutters is that you can select moisture-resistant material, light control, or insulated options.  When selecting your shutter material, just avoid wood in areas that are prone to high levels of moisture.

Windows Roman Shades

The sleek, modern, minimalist isn’t just for the big, simple picture windows that are cropping up on this year’s window trends.  Roman shades have made their way back to the top of most popular window treatments because of their no-frills, classic design.

roman shutters

With bold patterns that veer towards thick geometrical stripes, metallic hues, or dabble in traditional colors like crisp white, calm gray and classic blacks, Roman shades are definitely here to stay once again.

Windows Black Window Frames

When bold, thick-rimmed glasses hit the eyewear market a few years ago, the trend was decidedly going to stick—and it has.  Everyone has a pair of black glasses.  Now, the trend has translated with ease to our interiors.

Black window frames are the dramatic punch needed to strikingly bring out the visuals of a room and its window views effortlessly.

Black window frames work best in union with windows that embody architectural details, like French, as there’s strength to be said in the repeated, dark lines that echo the effect of modernity meets historical potency.

Metallic Window Ideas

Sure, all-white is a classic trend that will surely never go out of style, but the emerging trend that has come out as a curious winner these last few years is metallic.  An eye-catching, interesting color pallet, metallics add shimmer and light into any room, jazzing it up to a level of modern, Millennial intrigue.

Rose gold, silver threading, gold foiling—these are all woven into the trend of the metallics that are bound to bring appeal to your windows and their treatments.  Curtains with metallic threads draw the eye to the subtle level of detail to your window, making it the focal point of the room.

A Touch of Tech

There’s always technology behind at least one of these emerging trends for home décor, and for windows, this is no exception.  Technology is an integral part of our lives, and with Smart Devices encompassing every corner of our lives. From light bulbs to garage door openers, it makes sense that we should be able to open and close our window shades and windows at the touch of our smartphones.

It does seem a little overkill to have this much tech-related control in places like our kitchen or our living room.  However, where we sleep or relax with the television, it does make sense.  The power to control our blinds and windows in bed or on the couch is pretty cool and is a trend that every home is going to have in a matter of years.

All About Organic Window Ideas

With the growing popularity of houseplants and things like succulents in decorative containers, it’s only natural that the trend for windows is moving towards the inclusion of organic window treatments.

Bamboo has become a staple for window treatments and a popular trend for nearly anything interior decorating related.  Adding a splash of greenery near windows, like a hanging fern, can make a vivid statement for any room.  The addition of bamboo curtains or drapes can contribute to the natural elements as well.

Watch Out For These Trends

This year, make sure you’re implementing these awesome trends for your windows. These window trends are here to last!

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