All About the Top 10 Window Manufacturers

Buying decisions have not been made easy in the 21st century with such a plethora of options. As a result, it’s far from surprising that the sheer number of window manufacturers on the market is huge.

window manufacturer building a double glazed window

So which companies are the best?

Window & Door releases an annual report of the Top 100 Window Manufacturers in North America. For the purpose of this article, we will examine the Top 10 Window Manufacturers based on profits. Though it is not the only determination for finding the best window manufacturer, it is a good benchmark considering their products are selling well.

So without further ado let’s examine the top 10 window manufacturers.

1. Andersen Windows & Doors

You hear a lot about Andersen Windows & Doors and rightfully so. The company reported over $1 billion in earnings in 2018 and thus has a ton of money to pump into advertising.

Even if they get a lot of business because of having such a recognizable brand, Anderson Windows also features a very good reputation. The company employs more than 12,000 individuals at more than 30 manufacturing centers across the nation.

Andersen is also the largest window and door manufacturer in North America based on production. The manufacturer is well known for its production of wood windows, particularly Fibrex (a composite wood style). Andersen also prides itself on sustainability having been the first window manufacturer in the U.S. to earn the seal of approval from Green Seal. It is also a longstanding ENERGY STAR partner.

2. JELD-WEN Windows

JELD-WEN is ranked the second-highest among window manufacturers when it comes to earnings. The company is in Charlotte but also operates over 120 manufacturing facilities across the globe.

JELD-WEN brands include the company’s flagship windows as well as AuraLast, MiraTEC, Extira, LaCANTINA, Karona, and Aurora. JELD-WEN constructs wood, vinyl, and aluminum windows.

3. Marvin Windows & Doors

Marvin Windows & Doors has been around since 1912 and has a strong tradition within the industry. The company likes to advertise its products as producing a connection with nature, making windows as functional as they are beautiful, and pushing boundaries with new technology and concepts.

Marvin Windows & Doors is a recognized leader. The company is a recipient of the American Business Ethics Award (ABEA) and Brand Leader Builder for 2017.

4. Pella Corp

Pella Corporation is among the highest sellers of windows and doors, earning over a $1 billion per year. The company is in Pella, Iowa and has manufacturing operations throughout the United States.

Pella Corp has been on the national radar since the early 1990s. Its products are within Lowe’s through Pella Design Centers. The company has received honors from the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency for its sustainable products. Pella Corp also was the ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year in 2013.

5. Ply Gem Windows

Ply Gem is one of the top manufacturers of windows in North America. The company is extremely profitable and the choice for thousands of homes across the country. Builders and remodelers both endorse their products as being of high value.

Ply Gem Windows has been around for more than three-quarters of a century and is one of the pioneers. The company offers industry-leading warranties and rigorously tests its products before sending them to the market.

6. Velux USA

Velux USA is a specialized window manufacturer that focuses on unique types of window designs and concepts. It is a leading producer of skylights in the United States. If you’re looking to add one to your home they are the premier designer from residential to commercial concepts.

Velux USA also builds other types of windows like Sun Tunnels. The unique concept uses an adaptable reflective tube to direct daylight into every area of a home. Additionally, Velux builds their own blinds and other accessories.

7. YKK AP America Inc.

YKK AP America Inc. is a subsidiary company of a Japanese group under the same name. The Japanese company produces a wide range of products through a branch of its American department is known to specialize in residential and commercial windows.

YKK AP America focuses primarily on window glazing. Its commercial fenestration solutions have been well-received (hence the high volume of sales) as well as the production of residential vinyl windows and doors. All of its windows and doors are built in Dublin and Macon, Georgia.

8. Milgard Windows & Doors

Milgard is a very recognizable brand for doors and windows here in the United States. The manufacturer constructs window designs for both brand new homes as well as renovations. The reputation of the company is to build “strong, beautiful, long-lasting, and durable” windows and patio doors.

Its catalog offers a wide lineup of grid options and trim colors. Windows are built in a number of different materials. Better yet, Milgard Windows & Doors features a complete Lifetime Warranty on its products, including parts and labor.

Milgard Windows & Doors is a 2015-2019 recipient of Best of Houzz. Builder Magazine also named Milgard one of the “Best Quality Vinyl Windows” on the market.

9. PGT Innovations

PGT Innovations really prides itself on creating safe and durable windows. The company advertises its windows as deliver hurricane protection which is a peace of mind to those that live along the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.

The window manufacturer designs high-performance products that are ready for anything the environment throws at it. The premium-grade windows are trusted by many architects, engineers, glaziers, and dealers in both the residential and commercial industries.

10. Alside Windows

Alside promotes its mission as “creating and restoring exceptional residential, multi-family, and light commercial windows” that are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and stylish. The company has produced windows for over 70 years and serves as one of the leaders in the construction of vinyl building products.

As you have probably already read, vinyl windows are really popular right now which is helping boost the popularity of its sales. Alside reported earnings between $300 and $500 million last year, which doesn’t quite put it up with the “big boys” yet darn close.

Window Manufacturers Building Reputation and Trust

window manufacturers installing a replacement window

To be successful in the window construction industry, it takes determination and hard work. In addition, all these companies on this list have built reputation and trust with millions of their customers. These companies have executed innovation and pivotal energy efficiency products. Determination and hard work can take you far but it won’t get you anywhere if you don’t have a product that customers will appreciate.

The only way to survive in this competitive industry is if you have a trustworthy product. Once you establish the trust, then you will see millions of customers recommending your product to friends and families. Reviews on Google and the internet help build a reputation around the community.

More people choose Apple products over competitors because they established a reputation for delivering upgrades and new features at the touch of a button. It’s no different from window manufacturers.

Homeowners will choose the company that has a good reputation for delivering high energy-efficient windows and professional installation. As a result, these companies have everything you’re looking for when it comes to window construction and replacement.

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